Life (and work is part of life for many of us) can be like a roller coaster, a rocket heading into the unknown, quicksand, a circus, an obstacle course, etc. You've gotten here and are now looking for something more.  

That something more is important to you and you are ready to take a look from another perspective.  Here are some of the issues we've worked on with individuals.

Stress management

Having more presence

Exploring the question "Who am I?"

Reducing fears

Anger management

Work performance

Building confidence

Greater self-acceptance

More effective self-promotion

Becoming less resistant to structure

Improved communication

Opening Insights LLC

Coaching is different than working with a friend, significant other, therapist, co-worker, or supervisor.  That is probably why so many executives have hired one or more coaches to support them.  We'd love to see everyone have the opportunity to hire a coach.